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Zakat in Islam
What is Zakat
Who has to pay Zakat
Who is supposed to receive Zakat
Amounts & Minimums
Causes & Beneficiaries
Zakat Q&A
Utilization of Zakat Fund
Education support to the children of poor families.
Support to the general treatment cost of the poor and helpless patients
Support towards the treatment of cancer patients.
Support towards the marriage expenses of girls from poor families
Helping the poor families in building or repairing their houses.
Helping the members of poor families to become self-sufficient through income generating activities
Running charity homeopathy treatment Centers.
Rehabilitation of orphan children (Children City).
Running a Night Shelter Home for the destitute people who do not have any place to sleep.
Miscellaneous financial support to the poor people.
Rehabilitation of Beggars.
Shelter and Rehabilitations for for rescued women and children of human trafficking.
Vocational[Engineering] Medical Technology Courses for orphan students.
Yearly Utilization of Zakat Fund 2018-2019
Last 3 Years Income and Expenditure
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